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Fell Ponies for Sale

Thinking about adding a Fell Pony to your life?  Check out our Youngstock Page to see the types of ponies that result from our focus on the old type (click here).

I am grateful for the interest in the ponies I so carefully breed at Willowtrail Farm.  I have no ponies for sale at this time.  I'm waiting with great anticipation for my 2016 foal crop
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For Sale:  Stallion Services Mare Mingle(TM) Report
Buying a Fell Pony Transportation
Training & Handling at Willowtrail Farm  Thinking of importing? (click here for info)
Evaluating a Pony Contact Us

 Can't afford to buy a Fell Pony right now but still want to get to know the breed?  Consider the 2013 book Fell Ponies:  Observations on the Breed, the Breed Standard and Breeding (click here).  Perhaps you're more interested in what it's like to spend time with Fell Ponies?  Then my books A Humbling Experience and What an Honor will be of interest (click here).  Or subscribe to my free newsletter Fell Pony News from Willowtrail Farm.

Stallion Services

Guards ApolloGuards Apollo is available to select Fell Pony mares for breeding via frozen semen.  Apollo was imported from Cumbria in 2005 and has sired numerous foals here at Willowtrail Farm.  He stamps his offspring with the old type that I prefer and with terrific temperaments.  Photographs and videos of prospective mares are gladly accepted for review.  My goal in offering Apollo for breeding is to help other mare owners create foals that exceed their parents in terms of quality.  If you'd like to inquire about breeding to Apollo, click here.

 This lovely photo is by Willowtrail Farm visitor Jenny Gonzales.

Buying a Fell Pony

Laddie and JontyWhen you buy a pony from me, you are buying more than a hairy animal with four hooves.  Each pony that passes through my life enters my heart and takes a bit of it with them when they leave.  I feel a great responsibility to place my sale ponies in homes that are a good match for their temperament, conformation, and expected use.  I stay in contact with my buyers;  many of them have become friends.  I will not sell a pony into a breeding situation unless I feel it will contribute well to the breed.

I believe that every pony has an innate personality and that there can be personality conflicts with humans.  Having experienced this myself, I endeavor to make good matches between pony and buyer and therefore do not sell ponies before they are born.

Fell Ponies mature slowly and should not be ridden before four years of age, though many are backed at three; Fell Pony Society ridden classes only allow ponies four years old and up.  Fells are typically not put into regular hard work until after seven years of age.  Waiting this long ensures them a long and active life.  Some ponies are ridden and driven well into their twenties.


Willowtrail Spring Maiden loading and leaving at five and a half monthsI have had great experiences with two of the big nationwide shippers:

These two reputable companies travel the interstates, which are about two hours from Willowtrail Farm.  I charge an additional $200 to meet their trucks in either Laramie, Wyoming (I-80) or Fort Collins, Colorado (I-25).

Some clients have been pleased with shipping options they have arranged through and Shippers that need me to meet them at one of the interstate highways require special arrangements, so please be in touch.

If you think you'll be picking your pony up at Willowtrail Farm and transporting them home, you'll find this website about necessary documents for crossing state lines helpful (click here).  Thank you to Donna Ramsey for bringing it to my attention.

If you are buying or selling an equine and need to have them moved, you might be interested in my articles on preparing an equine for travel.  Click here for "Hoof Trimming and Other Travel Preparations."  Click here for "Pre-Travel Nutritional Support for Equines."

Training & Handling at Willowtrail Farm

Many people appreciate that my ponies are accustomed to the everyday things in life, from leading and tying to hoof handling and trailer loading, things that some other Fell Ponies on the market don’t have.  I have produced several videos that demonstrate the types of training my ponies receive.  Click on a video title to watch:

Age Video Title
Foals Early Foal Training
Yearlings Willowtrail Winter Lad
Two-Year-Olds Willowtrail Liberty
Willowtrail Black Robin (jumping, figure 8s)
 Three-Year-Olds Willowtrail Black Robin
 Four-Year-Olds Willowtrail Jonty Third Ridden
 Mature Ponies OH Torrin (ground work, ridden)
Lily's Million Transitions (ground work, ridden)
Papa's Manners (ground work)
Lily Parelli Audition (ground work)
Guards Apollo (ground work)
 Spectrum July 2011 Pasture Moments (ground work)

Evaluating a Pony

If you are interested in reading an article I have researched and written called "Steps in Evaluating a Pony," click here.

Contact Us

If you are interested in discussing whether one of my sale ponies would be appropriate for you, please contact me
If you prefer to call, I'm easiest to catch in the evenings before 8pm (Mountain Time) at (970) 723-4316.  Cell phones don't work here!